To the people who experienced the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake:

Three years have passed since the Earthquake.
How are you getting along?
Some of you are living in shelters or temporary housing and some of you rebuilt your homes or have moved to other prefectures.
And there may be people who suffer from sickness or unemployment.
But we know you are doing your best to lead happy, normal lives.
We are sorry, but the news of your situation is not known all over the world.
So, to tell the truth, people's concern is declining.
There is a great gap between those of you who suffered loss as a result of the earthquake and those of us who did not lose anything.
Therefore , in order to fill the gap, we have created the "Kamihikouki Project".
We want to tell your story to people all over the world by way of the internet.
We want to let the world know how you live, and how you are working to overcome the ploblems that you face.


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