May the Paper Plane fly high to the world!

A letter from the people who experienced the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake.

Mitsuko Kato I'd like to give my sincere thanks
to this smallroom.
Mitsuo Ueshima In return for the help I have received
Tsuyoshi Koyama The earthquake, plus this recession
Tomiko Takeshita Far from having any hope
Tokuto Kiyosawa The victims classified as having had their residences "partially destroyed"
Hiroko Yamashita Never again, should anyone suffer as we did
Hiroshi Kinoshita Keep your eyes on Kobe airport
Akiko Amamiya If I bear this summer,
Takeo Higashiyama Don't forget the evacuees outside Hyogo
Tomi Mitsuoka Your Kindness a great deal to me
Yoshie Tokuyama I am very grateful for young people's help.
Takayuki Taniyama I can't rely on the Diet members.
Satoko Matuzawa About my neighbor's death.
Fumio Ishioka I'm anxious about entering the public housing.
Yoshio Iwamoto
Makoto Ohuchi,Masako Ohuchi
Yoko Tagawa
Noriko Tomioka Staging a sit-in every day

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